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This warranty applies to Tatami jigsaw mats, Rubber Gym Mats and Food Grade Hospitality Mats

Type of Warranty:

Manufacturing Fault

Warranty Period:

6 months

Do Not:

  • Clean with harsh chemicals
  • Incorrectly install
  • Use incorrect chemicals, pesticides or herbicides
  • Use incorrect cleaning methods
  • Store or place any heavy or sharp items on the mat as this may cause a permanent indentation on the surface
  • Bend or fold the mat


  • Burns, cuts, accident, vandalism, abuse, negligence, sweat
  • Abrasions/indentations due to use of inappropriate footwear or sports equipment
  • Minor sizing variances caused by natural temperature variance in EVA foams
  • Normal wear and tear, cosmetic damages, surface scratches


Please check the maintenance instructions below for your product

EVA Tatami Jigsaw:

  • Due to the density and material of the Jigsaw mat, it may expand or contract slightly in areas with temperature variance or radiant heat source. This will not affect the safety or functionality of the mat but it will cause slight permanent change to the size of the mat over time. This will be more evident in the thinner mats such as the 20mm models. This may affect you later down the track when adding new mats due to slight size variation in the jigsaw pattern.
  • Clean mats with a warm water, damp mop/cloth using a PH neutral disinfectant.
  • It is recommended that shoes not be worn on the mats as the rubber on the shoes will scratch and scuff the surface of the mat and cause cosmetic damage. Sharp toenails can often scratch the surface as well. Judo
  • Do not bend or fold the mat. This will cause delamination of the mat, which is the separation between the PVC vinyl and foam. If at any point you fold your Judo mat, this will void your warranty.
  • Make sure to clean the surface on which you lay your mats, as slippage may occur and will cause safety concerns.
  • Clean mats with a vacuum cleaner and finish with warm water, damp mop/cloth using a PH Neutral detergent solution.
  • Store them flat in an area where they will not become too cold or wet. When the mat is too cold, it can get brittle and crack. If it’s exposed to water for extended periods of time it can cause mold to develop.

Rubber Gym Mat

  • The tiles are bound with a Non-Toxic MDI (Polyurethane) binder for your safety and tested and approved to ASISO9239.1-2003 Part 1 to meet the BCA (Building code of Australia) requirements.
  • High traffic areas are more susceptible to wear and tear and therefore need more attention when it comes to maintenance
  • Clean mats with a vacuum cleaner and finish with warm water, damp mop/cloth using a PH-neutral detergent solution.

Food Grade Hospitality Mat

  • Use a mild soap, detergent, or degreaser with hot water to clean the anti-fatigue mat surface and eliminate grease or oil. Water temperature should not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit but should not be any colder than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to clean these mats at least once a week to prevent the oil and grease from damaging the mat surface. The hot water will dissolve grease and oil residue during emulsification
  • Do not use machine washers or mechanically scrub these mats. They do not require aggressive cleaning techniques or drying procedures with mechanical intervention. The entire cleaning process should not exceed more than 20 minutes with steps including flushing, letting the water and solution apply, rinsing, draining (depending if your mat has holes), and then drying.
  • Do not use high pH chemicals, bleach, alkalis, or solvents to clean as these materials could damage the mat surface. Do not use a detergent that exceeds a pH level of 9.5. Before choosing a cleaner make sure that it is recommended for the particular anti-fatigue mat you have.
  • Sweep with a broom or brush or hose off on a daily basis to remove dirt, grim, soil, and dust. If you are hosing, the water pressure does not have to be set high. You would be surprised to learn how much soil and dirt is tracked through mats each day. Maintain your mats with this simple but effective technique.
  • Allow the mats to dry for a significant amount of time before utilizing them again. Lay them flat after being cleaned and give them the proper time required to cool off. Also, do not immediately roll your mat and allow time to dry.